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He likes nothing better, he says, than to throw a group email out to his brothers, and spend an evening in, playing computer games online with them. “But I haven’t played them in a while,” he says glumly. “They’ve been busy. So I’ve been playing a lot of the single player games, like Skyrim. Goodness me, that’s a great game.” It stems, he says, from his dad getting all his brothers into computers when they were young. He remembers they had five PCs lined up next to each other on the dining room table, “and we’d all play network games together, which, as you can imagine, my mother was overjoyed about”. - Henry Cavill, GQ UK (June 2013)

…ohmigod he plays our games.

If I’d known he was fan back in his Tudor days, I’d have been pushing to get him to VO for us. Hard.

Yeah, after you mentioned it I went and had a listen to his natural speaking voice on YouTube. Goddamn. That’d be sweet, but I’m pretty sure he’s out of our price range now.

Still… Henry Cavill’s a gamer? Huh. That shouldn’t make me like him more, but I won’t lie and say it doesn’t. :)


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